The federation announced on Wednesday that important fixtures would be suspended indefinitely, including qualifiers for the women’s Euro 2021.

UEFA has announced that the federation has decided to push back a string of Euro 2020 play-off matches which were set to be held in June.

The federation’s decision comes as the latest step taken in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, which has all but closed down the majority of the soccer world.

The majority of the world’s leagues are suspended as a consequence of the outbreak, and tons of uncertainty remains in regards to the possible return date of soccer.

As a consequence of the uncertainty surrounding club and worldwide soccer, UEFA had previously declared that Euro 2020 will be pushed back a year in the aftermath of the virus as part of the federation’s suggestions to fight the scheduling problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The contest was originally set to be performed in a variety of cities throughout the continent and has been set to get underway on June 12, 2020, but it immediately became clear that this event wasn’t feasible given the conditions.

Moreover, the 2021 Nations League Finals, which were assumed to be staged in June that year, is being pencilled in for the next September.

Originally, a string of play-offs which were cancelled during the March global fracture were scheduled to be played in June, as 16 teams battled for the final four spots in the summer tournament.

But, UEFA verified that those games will then be pushed back indefinitely as the reach of the coronavirus pandemic has become more clear.

The federation also confirmed that qualifying matches for Women’s Euro 2021 have been pushed back while the under-17 and under-19 Euros are cancelled altogether.

However, the men’s under-19 Euros and women’s under-17 Euros which were set for this summer have been postponed as the 2 competitions serve as qualifiers for World Cup competitions.

At club level, UEFA reaffirmed the federation’s stance that all other UEFA matches, for example, Champions League and Europa League, stay postponed until further notice.

Deadlines linked to the registration of players for next year’s Champions League have also been postponed with UEFA saying that the federation would set new deadlines in due course.


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