The Reds’ 3-2 defeat against the Spanish team in Anfield was their final outing before the 2019-20 year was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mayor of Liverpool has called for an inquiry into whether their Champions League final 16 fixture might have directly led to the growth in coronavirus instances in the city back in March.

52,000 fans turned out to see Liverpool take on Atletico Madrid at the second leg of the first knockout stage tie at Anfield on March 11.

Despite the fact that Spain was among the worst affected countries in the early phases of this Covid-19 outbreak, 3,000 Spanish lovers were allowed to fly into England to watch their team secure a stunning 3-2 victory on Merseyside.

The authorities imposed new rules about social bookmarking and self-isolation 10 days afterward, with all sporting events across the United Kingdom called off as a result.

Steve Rotheram has expressed his view that preventative steps should have been brought in much earlier while suggesting Liverpool’s struggle with Atletico never should have been permitted to proceed.

“If people have contracted coronavirus as a direct consequence of a sporting event that we think should not have taken place, well that is scandalous,” Liverpool’s mayor advised BBC Sport. “That is put not only those people in danger but those frontline staff in the NHS and many others in their own families that may have contracted it.”

There have been 10,027 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the north-west of England to date, together with 246 deaths listed in Liverpool’s NHS hospitals. Spain, meanwhile, is now second to just the United States in terms of confirmed infections, and 7,684 people have died in Madrid.

“We have seen an increase in the disease curve, and that’s resulted in 1,200 people [in Liverpool] contracting Covid-19,” Rotheram added. “This needs to be investigated to find out whether some of those infections are due directly to the Atletico fans. There were coronavirus hot cities, and Madrid was among these.

“They weren’t permitted to congregate in their own nation, but 3,000 of those fans came over to ours and possibly might have spread coronavirus. So it will require looking at, and it does require the government to take some responsibility for not bending down “


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