Another young player has made headlights in football. Gabriel dos Santos Magalhães, 22 years old, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil has become of the best defender- Centre back in Europe and the top football teams want him on their team! Where will Magalhães go?

Gabriel has begun his career at Avai and is now known for being the second-best footballer in the Brazilian football. He moved to Europe on January 2017 and has signed up for Ligue 1 Lille for £1.5m.

Gabriel Magalhaes has stolen the hearts of many Football teams such as Manchester United, Everton, Arsenal, and Napoli: they are all chasing him! The 22-year-old football player has been playing for Lille but in between, moved to Dynamo Zagreb in 2018 as he went out of loan twice.

The player has struggled a lot in his career in football and after 7 years, he got qualified for the Champions League 2018/19 and played against Chelsea. He has given his best and performed brilliantly both in local matches and the Champions League. When Gabriel Magalhaes was 13 years old, he knew what he was meant to be. He went on a 12-hour bus trip to Florianopolis to Lille. He even learnt French to fit in and to be able to talk during interviews.

Arsenal wants to strengthen its defence team and now has an eye for the defender. There have been rumours that the defender will leave Lille and will join Everton. Ancelotti, the Everton Manager was amazed by Gabriel’s character and his football abilities: he is hard worker, quick and he has good defending skills, physical qualities, a good movement, and ball control.

Magalhaes has impressive stats of 85 %, and this includes 19 key passes, he as a tackle rate of 89%. The most wanted foot player is the sole player that has rated this high percentage of tackle.

Duncan Castles, a well-known sports journalist said “In terms of what the player wants to do, the guidance I have is he’s very keen to play in the Premier League, He’s keen to play Champions League again, obviously he played Champions League this season with Lille. Lille didn’t qualify, they’re in the Europa League because they didn’t quite manage to get back into the Champions League places before the French season was shut down. But no particular preference either way is the guidance I have and it may well come down to whichever club offers him the best financial terms and can satisfy Lille by getting to that €30m mark for the transfer fee.”

Gabriel Magalhaes has signed a new deal with Lille with a contract of 3 years and said on one of his interviews: “I just renewed the contract. I heard about conversations, I saw things on websites in England, but I have my head in Lille. I’m very calm to finish the season well and to achieve great things next season.”

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