Bayern Munich brought the 2019/20 football season to a close a few months ago with a 1-0 victory over Paris Saint Germain at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon.

Kingsley Coman scored the decider in the second half against his former club to give Munich its sixth European title.

Though the UCL final was very recent and the 2020-21 season has been affected by COVID-19, the group stage is set to get underway in October – the matches will be packed to get the competition’s first phase completed by Christmas.

Qualifying is ongoing – Celtic have already failed to make it through to the main event – with the group stage draw set for October 1.

Manchester United

United has won the Champions League three times. The most recent was in 2008, which is not as inspiring as we first thought. Still, we had to mention them because they are the top winner of the English Premier League, who looked great post-lockdown. We do not know how they would do for themselves this current season. Last season, they fell to the Europa League, and we can only wait and see how they would perform in the round of 16 matches this year.

Real Madrid

Madrid is the team with most Champions League titles to its name. Last season they missed their chance of grabbing their four consecutive Champions League titles. In the past decade alone, the club has won four titles. Even if this year they will face tough teams, they always will still have a shot at winning if they can win against teams like Man City, Bayern Munich, and FC Barcelona to get to the semi-finals. The Spanish club has many domestic trophies and European too. They have a real shot at being one of the finalists during the 2020/2021 Champions League.


In the past, the Merseyside team have won the tournament six times, more than any English club. The team lost during the round 16s during last year’s Champions League to Athletico Madrid, but that does not mean they will not be back in form for the next one. We can see them qualifying for the round of 16, especially if they make some excellent transfers during the ongoing summer transfer window.

Manchester City

Man City is one of the teams with the highest chances of winning the Champions League this season. The team has never gotten to the Champions League final in the tournament’s long history, surprisingly. According to bookmakers at, they are one of the possible champions during this year’s tournament. They would have to face some fierce competition to get through to the final.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is the reigning champions of Europe. They ran away with the 2020 Bundesliga title and are the team who are most touted to win this year’s UEFA Champions League. They have reached the final of the tournament eleven times and won six titles. They have a high chance of repeating this Champions League as well if they manage to go through the group stage, as that is where talented Munich teams have fallen in the past.


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