Lover of all things Champions League football? Want to know more about the analytical side of the game involving some of Europe’s best clubs? Of course you do! Otherwise you would not be here, would you?!

Whilst Europe’s elite club competition gets enough press coverage from plenty of different outlets in the media, UEFA Champions League Analysis looks to tackle the niche market within the tournament and bring it to everyone in a way that is easy to read and help educate you around this particular side of the game.

Whilst bringing in some general columns regarding some of the big moments to have graced the competition, our main aim is to break down the tactical side of the game and bring it to you, the reader, in a way that you may have never been exposed to or in a way to help you look at the beautiful game in a different way.

Our match analysis articles look to break down what you can expect from two teams prior to a fixture, whilst we also look to pinpoint, tactically, what happened during a particular match that caused it to have the result that it had.

Maybe, you have come across a player from a club not in the league that you might normally take a look at? Seen a player in the Champions League playing and think he could be a great fit for your club? Well, our player analysis articles bring all the statistical data regarding that individual to the forefront and pinpoint how that man’s game is and what he does well, and perhaps, not so well.

The same can be said about the manager, which is why we produce analysis articles on head coaches and give you all the data regarding their tactical approach and how well they utilise the players they have available to them.

So, there you have it, we look to bring all the complex parts of the game and produce them to you in a way that makes them easier to read and digest, whilst also looking to try and help educate you and make you look at the game in a different way to what you may have done once before.

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